Why do I need to have continued Income

Are you tired of the day-to-day struggle of chasing one client to the next? Do you want a better way to run your business that enables you to better predict your monthly income? One of the best ways to stabilize your income when you are a self-employed, service professional is to create a monthly recurring source of income for yourself, commonly referred as a continued income





Firstly, you need to have passive income. What does passive income stand for? Passive income is an income received on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it. What is the definition of wealth? The definition of wealth is the number of days ahead you can live on if you stop working today. Who doesn’t want to be a wealthy man by just staying at home instead of working like a cow day by day? If you have the ability to create a multiple income streams that brings in recurring income that exceeds your monthly expenses, by then, you are consider as financially free! How awesome is that.


If your business is running on products that sell only once, then you don’t have a real business. There is nothing wrong with selling one-time payment digital product but you need to create offers that have people paying you over and over again. I guess you are smart enough to know which business is the better one. If not, leave a comment and we can connect


Just try to imagine, if you have a continuity income, you can start the month with income before you even begin working! All you need to do is bring in customers once and they will continue to pay you for months and months to come. It is an all for one off marketing effort!


An awesome part of continued income is that it can be sold away! If you decided to sell your “cash cow” away, you can ask for 4X to 10X the annual profits. Now, you might be asking, how is that possible? I am telling you, yes, it is possible. Why? This is because it is a real business and a real asset. In addition, for the passive income it makes, investors will buy.

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