When the walls are closing in

What do you do when walls are closing in and you cant think, cant pray, cant talk..

I am in that stage in my life where i just do not know where to turn or who talk to. Where is it seems whatever I do is in vain. Have you ever found yourself in that state , how do you come out.

I woke up early morning and all I could do is pace in my lounge, no words came out but you know what, I know God understands me and He is watching over me. I got an idea to do something and that is what I will implement. You know when you down and out like they say, the only way is up. Even when your mind closes up on you there is a God who doesn’t close up on you. He is there to listen to the groanings and words un-uttered. The peace I felt when I got that idea, I knew it was from above.

What if you do not have Christ in you, what can you do? Invite him in your life and He will come in and change your life around and give you hope. I have learnt to depend upon Him.



What makes us get to a point where things are not easy:

  • ┬áSometimes its the decision we make for just that time and not for the future.
  • Sometimes its decisions we make just to please people.
  • Sometimes you want to have instant gratification and forget the future
  • Sometimes its lack of foresight
  • And yet sometimes its just selfishness, the me, me attitude
  • And yet it might be forces fighting against you

How then can we fix things:-

  • Look to God , thats where my help comes from. And your help can come from Him too
  • Look inside you. All the answers lay inside you.
  • Take action, move, change. do not leave things as they are. Embrace change
  • Seek others for help.

What do you do when the walls are closing in, push them far away from you. Rise up. Dust yourself. And move on.

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9 thoughts on “When the walls are closing in”

  1. It’s not an easy phase to be in where you cant decide whether you going or coming. Thank you for sharing on how to overcome this

  2. Nomsa Faith Chimbuya

    I’ve been there also. When I didn’t know what to do. GOD was my ultimate. He always comes through

  3. Thx so much Samu for sharing…so true…i agree with your strategies..they are sure to deliver desired results.God is with us all the way when we down and out..a word from Him in that secrest place changes everything…lets stay in tune with Him to guide us daily.thats working for me..

    1. Its the discipline we need, that even when things are tough, we trust in and tune in to Him daily because He is always speaking

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