What it means to work from home

What it means to work from home

Sounds like the in thing now and with Covid19 well, we have to work from home but is it a walk in park? No ways. It takes discipline and determination. I have been working from home for over 8 years now. When lockdown started my husband used to wonder that I actually wake up and get dressed as if am going out. I didn’t start like but I had to decide to treat my home based business and growing a brand as a serious business. Below are some of the lessons I have learnt along the way.

  1. You need a schedule. Set out things that need to be done and stick to that schedule
  2. Productive hours. When are you most productive. With some people it’s in the morning so you make sure you maximize. And if its evening then you do that. Work when you know you can put in a lot of work. I work mostly mornings before 1pm and afternoons have schools runs then I work again after supper. Leaves me with time for the family as well.
  3. Know when to take breaks. As much as you are home know that you can give yourself time to rest. From talking to many people I realize that they work throughout and do not leave room to be flexible. Take that afternoon nap if you need to. Put your feet up and have a cup of tea.
  4. Down time. For me, I get this time from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. I do not work on anything. What helps me is that I can schedule my post and will attend to questions when am available. Even when I was working with a team, they knew that the Mompreneur is not available those times.


  1. In your schedule there should be time for exercise. Exercise keeps us healthy. Your heart needs the physical exercise. When you work at home, mostly you sitting hence you need to stretch your legs. I put in about 2 kilometers everyday going to pick the kids. Their school is quite near to our home.
  2. It’s lonely! I know how that feels and how it can sometimes affect people who like going out or even the introverts. Then go ahead and arrange dates and meet ups with friends. Go for lunch. Or make it intentional to go and buy your bread maybe at the Mall and do a bit of window shopping just to have a different environment from where you are.

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