Value Added Wife

Be Inspire You To Live The Life You Want

This book will teach you on becoming the best version of yourself – including how to change your thoughts and beliefs, how to get rid of toxic people, how to stop sabotaging your success, and more!

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“Samu Gumbie is a strategist who inspires and motivates people around the world to break down their barriers and to make a positive change to their lives”

Samu Gumbie, The Mompreneur

When you invest in value added wife you unlock greatness

Power of prayer 

 A s a woman our strength comes from God. Establishing or re-enforcing our relationship with our maker. He knows you better than anyone else.


This is about your business, your hustle. Stand up and do something, no one is coming to rescue you but yourself. Find your Why and we will help you with the how!!


Find templates of how to do your menu that will help you how to do your grocery. Templates of feeding small babies those who have and sleep times. Put things on paper so that if frees your mind to be a better you.

Self development

Take steps to better yourself. Acquire the knowledge then use it. 


Exercise improves our health. Walk even 30mins a day, it will add up. Household chores help you with cardio. yeah


Connect with family, children, husband, brethren, sister friends. A lady can not be an island. Your relationships are important. Healthy relationships leads to a better you.

What Readers Saying Saying?

Wow! I really needed such motivation. I had written off some of my dreams because of circumstances and life experiences as a wife and a mum. I'm going to rise and pick up my vision board with a positive attitude. I like the emphasis on time management and the "expose" part. Watch my life changing, will testify one day. You are an inspiration, I will rise and shine!

Mrs Phyllis Masuku

What Readers Saying Saying?

It was everything I expected and more. I love that it’s short and to the point. Every page is packed full of wisdom. It’s so easy to read and engaging. It’s like having a discussion over tea and cake. You don’t struggle to understand. I particularly love that throughout the book God’s presence remains a constant. The book is a must read for all people. I’d suggest couples buy and read it together.It’s real and you didn’t sugarcoat your walk to success or the important role your husband played in achieving that success

Noreen Munengoni

Feedback from partners

Great read – lovely to read your heart and journey – a great teacher especially in the area of schedules that will help us all – young moms – the Bible verses – are so apt and relevant – God speed on this amazing journey MomPreneur

Nomalanga Sitole



The book will provoke you to your destiny, challenge you to greater heights. Value Added wife is the book that pushes you to find your Why and we help you with the How.

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