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The perks of being a Geologist’s wife are both sweet and sour.

I get to travel with him most of the time, yet on the other hand leaving my TripleJ at home. Well sometimes when he goes outside the country then I stay home. But overall I have enjoyed seeing new places and meeting different people and guess what, getting to connect with people for my business.. As you know I run a Home based business and going out like this affords me the time to connect with different people in person.

This time round we are in a small town called Machadodorp in Mpumalanga on your way to Mbombela, Nelspruit. You know I was so excited that I will get to sell my products and at the same time get to rest. Got here and you can hardly see people on the streets. The town has I think about 3 Grocery shops, I would not call them Supermarkets because they are not super at all. When you need a meal or pie you have to eat at the Lodge or go to the garage and buy something there. In the morning, I am walking up to go jogging thinking that at least I will meet people maybe going to work. To my surprise, streets will still be empty. It got me thinking that yes the yards are big and its very quiet here but there is no social life at all. From what I gather, most people work in the mines so not around most of the time as is the case with my husband. I get to see him after work, where we go for a drive in the mountains.

Road to Badplaas


Talking about mountains, yes they are lovely. Pictures do not capture what the eye is seeing. You really get to appreciate God’s nature. How He formed the mountains and valleys. The air is so fresh, I wish to stay here but hey I have babies waiting for me. Who by the way I talk to almost everyday because of technology. We video call each other and keep updated.

My husband reminded me that He proposed to me on the 18th March , 11 years ago. I am impressed because he remembers the finer details, he says it was raining that day and he had told himself that if i don’t agree then he is such an honour, i got to determine where he stays uhmmm. Looking back we see the road that we have walked together. It has come with its challenges and good times and above all we remain loving each other and committed. Praising God as well fro our beautiful TipleJs

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