The parable of the Workers in the vineyard

As I read this passage of scripture  a lot of things came to mind. The passage is found in Matthew 20 v 1 Р16. In my journey in Business I have seen people succeed and others fail. Some who came later overtake others. It is like a race and a jungle out there, but as I read this passage of scripture I realized that our journey is not the same. we are individuals. Your life and journey is unique to you. Competition is good I do not dispute but in life it is better to look at your life and know what you want.


In the passage we see that the vineyard owner hired people to work at different times and at the time of hiring they agreed on the wage. But when it came to payment and they were all together then mumbling and grumbling began to arise. Why? Because those who came earlier thought to themselves they will get paid more forgetting what was the agreement with the vineyard owner.  Take for instance when you go for an interview you are there alone and you agree on a salary and you start work. But when you are now in the company and you start relating with other workers you find out how much they get paid then it becomes an issue. But why should it be an issue when you negotiated your salary alone.

What I learn from this is that learn to be an individual

Know what you want and go for it, know your worth!!

Stay in your lane

Be you, others are taken.

When we take it to the Bible’s context, then we understand that Jesus here is talking of grace, that yes you are saved now but in heaven you will find even those that came to know Christ at the later stage in their lives being there as well.. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling without comparing yourself to anyone. When we get to heaven you will be answerable to your own life and not your neighbor, not even your children.

One question I would like to ask РHave you accepted Christ as your personal Lord and savior? if not, I can help you, contact me on my contact page. 

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