My sales journey

I was born to do this lol.

My journey began when I was in Grade 1 when at break time I would climb my grandmother’s tree and sell Peaches. And i did that for all the time I was with my maternal grandmother. When I moved to stay with my paternal grandparents I found that my grandmother would sow jerseys and goes to sell them at the mines. So second time around. Then later one when I was with my mum, she was also someone who was selling. My dad was an artist who also left his job to become self employed.

Those days we ddn’t know that they were called entrepreneurs. Us as kids it was embarrassing to see your mum or someone from your home selling. But today we leaving our jobs to do whatever we have to do.

My journey continued when I was at University and finances would be a challenge, I remember we would pick bottles from the Grab (cafeteria) and we would go and sell them to have a meal for the week. After University when now I was working for the Revenue Authority, what did I know? Yes you guessed it. Selling! So I used to sell what we call ‘Amaputi’, its like crackers.

To cut the long story shot, after I got married and was having drama with maids, I told myself that I will sacrifice my career for my kids and yes yes, I went back to retail. Now I knew it was being an entrepreneur. So I became a Mompreneur. And have not looked back ever since.



Welcome to my world, lets journey together and share these stories while making money.


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