Mother’s Day in Lockdown of covid19 in South Africa 2020

Mother’s day May 2020 is a day with a twist. We are on Lockdown because of the Corona virus. But from what I have seen this has been a well thought out day because even the families which usually forget this day, had no choice but to remember it.

Mother’s day is a day to celebrate and honour the mother of the home as well as other mothers in the community and in the world. Check the post I talked about being a mom. So many times mothers are taken for granted that they should take care of the family and as a girl you are already channelled  in that way. Let’s stop a bit, who is teaching the boys to be good husband? Maybe that would be a topic for Father’s day.  We were so many hats and I wonder how we even manage to change them but we do. Sometimes we are weighed down but we keep moving.  A day like that is a great day to put your feet up and be pampered by the family.


Mothers day
That day you became a mother

My family did something touching despite the limitations of not taking me out because they know I like outdoors. When going to bed I noticed that my white board is missing, that’s my brainstorming board which is in my bedroom. Well, well when I work up in the morning I opened my eyes to a board full of messages from the 4 people in my life. The reason why I mention different hats is because my husband wrote this message,

“Thank you for being the best mother in the whole world! Only you can wear all the hats of

  • mother,
  • wife,
  • carer,
  • provider,
  • arranger,
  • decorator,
  • organiser,
  • encourager

I Love you.” 

Went downstairs and oh my, I enjoyed the nice omelette and croissants, they know its my favourite breakfast food item. And a nice heartfelt prayer from my husband. Spent the day outside in the sun. Played around with the kids. And had my daughter fix me a nice snack in the afternoon. Its not over yet, they are busy in the kitchen making supper. For sure what more can I ask for .

This time reminds me of my own biological mother. To be honest, I never had a relationship with her. Us, coming from African families where we are many, I never really got time to stay and be raised by her. I was in the hands of her mother then i went to my paternal grandparents then went to live with my dad and stepmom. And I was in boarding most of the time. The time my mother passed away I ddnt get any chance to know her or for her to know me because she was married to another dad and had children there. So I purposed in my heart to be the best mother ever to my children. To be a mother and also be part of the family and I must say am really enjoying doing that. Please share below your experience with your mother and motherhood.




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