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For many people the subject of recruiting is the deathblow to their network marketing dreams. Does it have to be this way? Why do so many people join multi-level marketing organizations, only to dropout in disgust within the month? There is no denying this fact: Recruiting can be tough. The toughest thing about recruiting is not approaching people and discussing the opportunity, your enthusiasm for the business will see you through any hesitancy in this area. Lack of interest and outright refusal on the part of your prospects, however, can demoralize you. Disappointment and discouragement can eat through your excitement for this business-like rust through the hull of an aircraft carrier–and that’s what sinks the bulk of us. Not rust, discouragement. How do you keep from becoming discouraged? It’s easy for people to say, “Keep your chin up,” or “Keep trying, a positive attitude will see you through.” But verbal encouragement can only get you so far.

In order to grow your downlines or in other word, recruiting, you may offer your support to them. Help your downlines that are more pro-active to close sale on their behalf whenever they bring in prospect. Once your downline inspires a prospect to join your organization, you need to support him until he gains his “network marketing legs.” You may even allow your downlines to duplicate your online system and train them to generate leads like you are doing. A new prospect needs to be encouraged, even baby-sit to a certain degree. Most importantly, a new associate needs to be appreciated. Let her know that she is a part of the team, and that her individual development and success is both wanted and critical to the success of the organization. Reward her frequently with t-shirts or other inexpensive gifts for achieving predetermined levels of growth and sales volume, and of course, help her establish new goals and action plans. I talk at length on this article

Have you ever walked into a new job and not been given the benefit of a trainer? What does it feel like when a boss tells you to get the job done, but doesn’t offer to tell you how to do it? That’s how the new recruit feels when you sign him up and say, “Get to it, buddy. You can do it.” This is not enough. Not everyone will share your enthusiasm let alone succeed in this business. You need to train them to become one. But it’s always the 5% to 10% of the serious action takers that will actively promote the online network marketing opportunity. So which one are you, the 5% or the 95%?


In network marketing, you are not a supervisor, you are a mentor, and as a mentor every word you utter, and ever act you commit, will be observed and evaluated. Be careful what you do and how you act, because your organization will develop into a mirror image of your personality. Spend time and effort with your immediate and serious downlines. As discussed above, people will not stick around if they cannot see an opportunity for their personal reward. This may come as a shock to some, the people worth recruiting do not join multi-level marketing companies for you but they join them for themselves. And if you can’t show them or they can’t understand, how to duplicate the techniques and successes you enjoy, then they will not stick around. Simplify everything you do. In your training sessions, break the business into bite size chunks:

  • Recruiting or sponsoring
  • Sales
  • Compensation plan
  • Products
  • Team building

Break each of these chunks into smaller morsels.

For recruiting: make prospect list, drop off  or send video to prospect, return two days later and invite to meeting. If they haven’t watched the video move to the next prospect. The goal is to get through your list as fast as you can but also getting referrals

For sales: use the product, demonstrate the product, hand out catalogues and ask for orders.

Most importantly, you can’t rush thing. Build one line at a time and set up one opportunity at a time. Don’t be a frog leaping from one online network marketing company to another. Each business explored is a journey in itself and rewards don’t come fast. Your success in network marketing is like a rocket ship destined for the stars. In order to leave earth, it must expend huge amounts of energy. Its progress is at first lumbering, even perilous. But as it rises and gains speed, the energy required to propel it into orbit decreases. Eventually, by maintaining a steady course and concerted effort, the rocket reaches the upper reaches of earth’s atmosphere and gravitational pull. At that point, there is no stopping it from reaching the stars.

Lets reach for the top, the bottom is surely surely  overcrowded!!

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  1. Thank you so much for the nuggets and energy Samu. I am very motivated by your Mupfihwa testimonies and hope to succeed in the business as well.
    Is it possible to have a sport or two in your team?

  2. Boitumelo Sherlene Diale

    Thank you so much for the learning platform. In most cases when we join these networks. We bound to fail because we do not have information on what we doing, buying and selling. We need knowledge. THIS IS THE PLATFORM.

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