Introduction to Canva by SamuONline part 1

What is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to make images, designs, posters, presentations and other visual content for the web or print. I was first introduced to Canva when I started on my journey into the Digital world around 2013. It was at a time where I had two small babies, the girl was 2 years and my son was a few months old. I was at home and had decided that I will look after my children because being in a foreign land there is hardly any relatives to help you with the children. I appreciated the time because I got to see and experience my babies growing up.

I had been introduced to the world of network marketing and was clueless where I could get posters. Being a resourceful person I took to Google to find out how I can create my own posters. Canva came top on all the tools I found. It allowed me to even create invites for the birthday parties for my children. The picture below is made from Canva.


Fathers day
Father’s day poster


I also use it to create posters for my business. Look at this below. It has helped me not to pay for stuff I can do at home.


Network marketing talks

What I would like to talk about today is the Refer your friends and get rewards from Canva. They say share your referral link with friends and when your friend joins Canva and creates a design we both earn 1 Canva Credit. Click here for my link.

How do the rewards work? 

Canva credits can be redeemed for premium images from the library. I am talking about the free version of Canva. There is a paid one as well. But starting out, it is best to use a free one and refer your friends to get credit so that you could redeem, say you used a template that is premium instead of paying. You redeem your credits when you download and have to pay or share your design.

Reach out if you want to learn more and we can schedule a one on one mentoring.



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