How to grow your Network Marketing business in Longrich Bioscience

Longrich offers an exciting opportunity for us mompreneurs to create income. If you are new to Longrich you can watch the 21 day Challenge on Youtube ( ). You can earn through retailing their high-quality products and on top of that you can earn through building your team  i.e people you refer to the business.

The bigger your team grows, the more you earn weekly. Remember, once you have sponsored your three team members you will then benefit from their activities and earn passive income i.e income that you get without being actively involved in acquiring it. So you can be doing your housekeeping chores and earning at the same time through your team’s efforts!

This is a very exciting prospect, one that opens the possibility of attaining financial freedom which I think should be a goal for every mother out there. Just imagine the kind of life you can offer to your kids if money is no longer an issue!

Having said that, I will admit that building your network marketing team is not always an easy thing especially if you are new to this kind of business. But you can reach out and I will always hold your hand and we do this.

It was like that for me when I got started with mompreneurship as well as I came from an accounting background. I was used to the corporate lifestyle and reaching out to people wasn’t my cup of tea.

Fortunately I had some good mentors who showed me that the skills in network marketing team building can be learnt. Two years down the line I am very happy with the results and I am glad I took the time to learn how to reach out to potential team members.

So no matter your background, you can effectively learn to build your team and build your business. In this article I will walk you through the strategies you can use. So here we go.

Promoting Longrich Online

More and more people are getting online and you can take advantage of that to grow your team. Let’s look at the various channels of promoting Longrich online.

How to get Longrich referrals on WhatsApp

WhatsApp messenger has a direct and personal touch that makes it one of the most effective ways to get downliners. With the right strategy,  WhatsApp can be one the best converting sources of new referrals. A lot of people are also on Whatsapp and that means there is a large pool of potential referrals you can reach out to.

These ideas can help you get many referrals on WhatsApp:

  • Create a group where you hold presentations on Longrich at set times, say 8 pm every evening. You can images of Longrich products for the group icon. You can also write a bit of stuff about Longrich in the group description section
  • Spread the group link in as many business groups on Whatsapp as possible so that many people can join. This will mean that you have to join a number of business groups so that you widen your exposure.
  • Also share the link on social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You will also need to join a number of Facebook groups to spread the link. It is beneficial to also look for themed business groups e. Groups that have the term ‘making money online’ or ‘affiliate marketing’ in their title as the people there are more likely to be receptive of your message.
  • Enforce strict rules in the group to ensure that there are no distractions before, during  and after the presentations. Distractions can chase away potential downliners. Do not hesitate to remove people disturbing the progress. Make your presentation as detailed as possible and allow for questions after you are done. Answer all questions convincingly. Make sure you highlight what the people stand to gain by joining Longrich.
  • Use images and other convincing evidence e.g of members who are getting high weekly payouts. You can also share your testimony of how you have benefited from being part of the Longrich both from using the products and from referral bonuses.
  • Create a second group of interested people from the first presentation. Keep nurturing these through motivational quotes and other stuff eg how Longrich products compare to our usual products. You can also send them screenshots of earnings. Also, if possible, announce to the group when a member decides to join.
  • Ask people to leave the first group after the presentation and questions are done. If they do not leave remove them so that you will have completely new people for the next presentation
  • Hold these presentations regularly and compile an FAQ post from the questions you will be getting in the presentations.
  • Aside from the group, you can also make use of the WhatsApp 24-hour status updates and post images and quotes about Longrich. For example, you can put a picture of Longrich with the caption ‘I get paid weekly’ Want to get paid too? Inbox etc
  • You can also simply create a post and circulate it in the WhatsApp business groups and put your contact details so that interested people can come to your inbox.

Using Facebook to promote Longrich

Facebook is also a great channel for getting new referrals. Creating a Facebook group for Longrich is better than creating a Facebook page. This is because a page will have less reach than a group.

So you can create a group and send the link to interested people. You can then post relevant stuff and quotes in the group. You can also ask other group members to share the link with their friends.

Make sure you fill in all the details about the group i.e description. This will make the group discoverable by other interested people. Also, use the right images from Longrich.

Outside of the group, you can join Facebook business groups and post about Longrich and ask people to inbox you to learn more. You can even post you WhatsApp group link so that people can join the group.

Going live on Facebook is also a great idea when promoting Longrich. Facebook live videos are seen by many people and this means you will be able to reach out far and wide. You can go live and share a testimony or show evidence of payout or something like that.

You can also continually post quotes and images on your profile so that curious people can ask for more information from you.

If you are having live presentations you can also promote them through Facebook.

Promoting Longrich using webinars

Webinars are a fantastic way of getting referrals. They allow you to present your material (eg through videos or powerpoint presentations. Then afterwards your audience can ask you questions which you can respond to.

This can convert highly if you are organised. You can promote the webinar ahead of time on social media using paid adverts so that you can get a lot of attendees. You can even arrange with others in Longrich so that you can be co-hosts on the webinar.

Webinars though great can be tricky if you are not well versed in how the Longrich operates. You may get a question that throws you off balance and then ruins everything.

Thus you need to make sure that you are well versed and are comfortable. You also need to make sure that you have good audio equipment and a good internet connection.

You can also have your upliners as co-hosts to help you with some of the questions.

How to promote Longrich on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network. This makes it a great place to reach out to professionals who want to make passive income. You can also post on your profile stuff about Longrich.

You can also search for people with an entrepreneurial mindset and then inbox them directly with some info on Longrich and how they can benefit from it.

Linkedin also has an option that allows you to publish articles and you can write an article promoting Longrich there.

If you have a website you can post links to the website there as well. You can even post links to your landing page on the Longrich on Linkedin and other social media accounts.

You can also share your links to the WhatsApp group for presentation.

How to promote Longrich on Twitter

Twitter can be another source of potential referrals. You can also share your WhatsApp group link. You can also tweet images and motivational stuff about Longrich. Sharing your landing page link  can also help you get referrals

Promoting Longrich Offline

Meeting people in person is also a great way to reach out. Meeting face to face can have the advantage of building trust and giving your presentations a personal touch.

How to promote Longrich through live presentations

Live presentations are a great way to get referrals as well if you can get an affordable venue. Presentations are best held by a team so that you can support each other in answering questions and sharing testimonies. Where possible, you can reach out to your upliner so that they can help you with organising the event.

You can inform people about the event by sharing details on social media. You can even create the event on Facebook.

When you host the event make sure you have promotional banners on Longrich. This will help the event to look professional. Getting a venue that is quiet, clean and easily accessible is very important as well.

You can use the Powerpoint presentations to guide you. You can also convert some of the videos and emails to slides that you can use as well.

Having business cards at the event is a good way to expand your reach as some people can share your contacts with their friends who will not have attended the event.

You can also share your WhatsApp group link at the event and have the attendees join for further nurturing.

Promoting Longrich in everyday social situations

You meet people everyday as you move around eg shopping, taking kids to school etc. With adequate planning you can turn these encounters into a great way to reach out to potentials.

It’s a good idea to always have business cards & pamphlets with information on Longrich on you when you go out so that you can hand them out to interested people you meet. If you want to have the pamphlets and business cards designed you can get in touch with me and I will connect you with someone who can make them professionally for you and send them in soft copy so that you can print them.

You can also take advantage of events like kids sports day, family gatherings, weddings etc to reach out to the people you meet. You need to be always vigilant and prepared. If you look for opportunities you will definitely get them.

For example, if you hear a someone complaining about finances and poor working conditions you can respond by saying ‘Would you be interested in a business that allows you to create a second income whilst you still get to keep your current job?’  Chances are they will be curious and you can take it from there. Depending on the setup you can then give them your pamphlet or an impromptu presentation

When you meet people be observant. You can pay them a complement or the ask the person what they do for a living as a conversation starter. Be genuinely interested in the answer. When they ask you back you can tell them what you do. You can use the following sample responses.

“I teach people how to earn an additional income working from home.”

“I work with one of the best paying companies in (mention your country). We’re a marketing company, and we market the most needed products in the country.”

“I work for a company where we get rewarded for what we do.”

“I get paid to use daily products you would use at home.’ (For example you could ask, have you ever been paid to use a roll on?


Building your team takes patience and resilience!

You need to be aware that you will probably have more people turn down your offers as compare to those who will sign up and become team members. However, that should not discourage you rather, you should look at it from the viewpoint that every ‘no’ brings you closer to a ‘yes’ and every ‘yes’ brings you closer to success.

In the end, you will count the people who say yes and not those who say no!


Happy Team Building in Longrich

So using the tactics outlined above, you will be able to grow your team faster and earn bonuses from referrals. Is there another tactic you are using to grow your team that is not listed above? Please get in touch with me and I will definitely add it.

Choose to be Longrich not Longpoor!



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      I really appreciate.
      I’m interested the business.
      So,my question is: you start the business, before you get paid you must bring the 3 then you wait for the 5week , after that you will get paid?.
      – another question:you will buy every week the products?.
      Your answer, because I want that business.

      1. how costly is the long rich product? and can we advertise different products or is just one picked products?

        1. The Longrich products are not costly at all. And you have over 2000 products to choose from. its products that you use daily. Thanks

        1. Once you get registered by getting our products, you have to upgrade youself to the level of payment meaning if you want to start getting paid after registering a minimum of 2 active persons, you have to upgrade to qsilver up is by buying our products but not really always.

      1. Yes Longrich has quality products that are research and very effective. Are you in the business or you would like to know more?

    1. Do you need professional done or are you willing to also learn how to do it yourself. I can guide you through the process

  1. I am new in Longrich business, really having a hard time getting downliners. I am almost at d verge of giving up. Pls I need ur assistance

    1. Good day Perpetua. Please do not give up because this business is amazing. On my website go to training, do the training. Hope it will guide you on how to build your business. We have had testimonies about it. Thanks

    2. Same! I am not good at convincing people to join. It’s either they are into Oriflame,longrich. They have people doing it and it’s stressful, or saying all these networking businesses are same!

      1. Thank you for the comment, its not about convincing people but showing and educating. when you talk to as many people, you will find the ones interested in what you do. There is a lot involved in the sponsoring process. I Have started a channel where we discuss this, please check my Youtube channel

      1. Please I am I Longrich partner already but I need help in the designing of my Longrich pamphlets and business card, please can you be of help to me, thanks so much .

  2. Williams Adu-Ntiamoah

    Hello Samu,
    Just came across your presentation and l must say it is fantastic and eye opening.
    Can you guide me on how to get the pamphlets and the business cards.

  3. I have used longrich products through my brother and find it active and effective,I want to continue it’s use,but my problem is where to get it in ughelli,Delta State.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful write up. If i successfully open my whatsapp link and my referrals started turning up, how do i register them on my downline?

    1. Thank you for your comment. On how to register your downlines please ask your upline who registered you to help you.

    1. First of all, have you started the business.
      Secondly you need to understand how the business works
      Thirdly you will have gained good quality organic products to use.
      Please reply to the above.Thanks

  5. Florence Obasuyi

    Your presentation inspired me to become a better longricher.How can I get the Longrich design cards and pamphlets.Please keep up the good work and stay safe.

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely presentation, it’s really inspiring. I would love to have the longrich design card and pamphlets
      Please how do i get it

      1. I loved this piece but sadly am still not cleared as per how to get weekly payments. Does one get paid by making any of the orders or are there specific orders that are compensated

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  7. I really appreciate your effort, but first, how many pv do i need weekly before i can be paid weekly bonus? second, to upgrade to another level (e.g vip) do i need to purchase the pv required once or i can be accumulating it gradually? thanks as you answer.

  8. nkama David Ukpai

    What is one want to enroll with 75k do you still need to get 3 downlines before you get paid? Is the bonus payment weekly or monthly?

    1. You are the one who is active, you started the business for yourself. When you open your back office, do you see them? Continue with your business

  9. Stella Richard-Emeh

    Just read through this, please how can i get the designed pamphlets and longrich cards. I’m already a Longrich member but getting downlines is my greatest challenge

  10. Amarachi Grace Erasmus

    I am a distributor,I joined longrich in May and I was told that when I bring my three legs,I will get paid weekly but I have not received any payment.and for the records,am a silver member and two of my legs are q-silver,I don’t know why am not being paid.

  11. I’m not into Longrich per se but I am doing network marketing. I love that the strategies you mentioned can all be used in any network marketing business. Thanks for the insight

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