How to build confidence in network marketing especially as a mother

Life changed during this Covid19 era. It was business unusual. It left many without jobs. Without something that they could do easily and they ventured into new territories. Maybe you find yourself in network marketing and you see all these people speaking so well, you seem lost. You asking questions of how they got here. Tell you what, its about confidence. So is this confidence learnt or taught. I would say it is both ways. You can learn it on your own by your own research and few ways I will explain below or you could be taught by your leaders.

What is behind confidence?




Upbringing plays a major role on how you become confident in life. How did you parents used to talk to you. What words did they declare on you? And how are you treating your kids now as you are a mother? What you say or what was said to you, will also play a major role on how you show up in society. I grew up in a community where a girl child would always be told that she would not amount to anything, or that she will not finish school because she will be impregnated. So even at church most of the girls, all they wished for was to get married. I was busy dreaming of getting a degree and others were dreaming of getting married. Why was that? My dad encouraged me to learn to which ever level I wanted to get to.

With my children, we have agreed to remove the word, ‘I CANT’ to¬† ‘how can i do it’. We have to find a way to do it. And we keep practicing till we get it right. Self confidence will come from what you do continuously. There is an article that you can have a look as well where I talk about the culture you raising your children.

Lets get back to network marketing. How can I build my self confidence?

Learn about your products – Have products you master like the back of your hand. Give yourself time that you will know how they are made, how they help your clients. Have testimonials about those products. Gather whatever you can. Let people know that when you need this, they talk to you.

Study your compensation plan – honestly speaking, when you have studied something and you know it there is no way you will fail to tell it. It will give you that boost to stand in front of people and talk and it boost your confidence.

Practice, Action – knowing, studying will all be in vain if you do not put it into action. Start with your kids, let them be your audience. My children now can tell you about our compensation plan because I practice in front of them.

Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and are comfortable with seeing you confident. People who would want to see you succeed in life. No use hanging around toxic people. Remove them from your life.

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  1. Hi my name is Thoko Mahlangu residing in Benoni Gauteng I’ve join network marketing industry since early 2010.I never give up ,but even today I’m still suffering
    My reason is that when I start to focus the is s scam how can I difference between piramids scheme s.

    1. Thoko, what you will need is the course on my journey into network marketing. purchase it, so that i can mentor you

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