How do I begin to build my brand online

How do I begin to build my brand onlineĀ 

I have been getting a lot of questions about this subject and I thought to share what I have done. It has not been overnight, It took a long time and consistency to get to where I am and I know that I have not even begun to do much. But below are a few things you can do to build your brand online

1. Identify what you love doing that even if you were to be woken up in the night you can talk about it. Why am I saying so? You looking for something that you will not be pushed to do because it takes a while to build your brand.

2. Decide that you will see it through. No one will do it for you but you. Its all about you taking a decision and sticking with it.

3. Who is your tribe? Who are the people you will be speaking to? Its important to focus on a certain group of people and it might change over time but have a certain group and let your msgs speak to those.


4. All your social media platforms have to have one name so that its all uniform. For example, Google Samu Gumbie and see what you will find.

5. Put your message simple that anyone coming to your profiles will see what you are about. Relate to people the way you normal relate to them. Do not over complicate things.

6. Be consistent please. Yes starting out, you might not post everyday but if you choose to post every Wednesday then so be it, all the time.

7. Have fun while doing it. Its fun to build a brand and see it taking shape, I have surely enjoyed my journey

There is still space for you to grow and shine. Go for it. All the best.


2 thoughts on “How do I begin to build my brand online”

  1. Samu Gumbie.
    Thanks for being very insightful. I am a beginner in this Longrich business. I have learnt so much from you today. Like you said. Can you help me design a Longrich business card and pamphlet and send soft copy into my email?
    I will be asking you a lot of questions.

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