Daily Routine for an MLM Leader

5:00 Wake up, brush teeth and drink a glass of water

5:10 Work out

5:50 Prayer / meditation

6:15 Read a motivation book or listen to an audio or YouTube

6:45 Set goals for the day and answer msgs / emails


It’s all done in 2 hours of you waking up.

Look how much you have accomplished.

Time is money

Come up with your own schedule, that fits your lifestyle but the most important is to have a routine

Yes, most people are building the business part time. So it boils down to how you manage your time even at work. What are you doing at lunch time. Some companies have smoke break, you might not smoke, can you utilize that for your business

Some use taxis to work, use that time to read, those driving use the time to listen to motivational audios to grow yourself


Being at the top in mlm means you will have to make major changes to the life you have now

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