Branding yourself in Network Marketing in 2021

You can’t afford to be too modest when you are trying to market your products on the Internet. Your product and your website on the Internet are like a small drop in a very large ocean. People’s attention span is divided amongst millions of websites on the Internet screaming for their attention.

Take for example, the resell rights industry. Online, everyone is selling the same products all over the net. Some price those normally while others sell the products for what someone would pay for a bag of peanuts.

It really seems as though every Tom, Dick and Harry are all resellers online. So, what makes you different from the others? If you want to skyrocket your online profits, you MUST be a branded product!

You see, the online world is slightly different compared to the real world. Some people might be afraid to blow their horn in public (or to tell others how much money they are making online). But online, you can write (almost) whatever you want on your sales copy or your profile page.



The most important thing you must do is you must stand out from the rest of the crowd! If you’ve achieved success in sales, make sure you ‘flaunt’ your payment screen shots before others and cut out the name where you got them, I mean your company. Do whatever it takes to let others know what’s so good about you. Let them know that you are different. If you do things that are extraordinary, chances are, people will take notice and spread the word.

 One of the things you must remember about branding is that you must let others out there know what you specialize in. Take for example – network marketing blogs. If you search throughout the blogsphere, you will see a hundreds of blogs out there titled MLM Blog with who and who’s blog on making money online. There are too many blogs with the theme make money online or Internet marketing so the best way to stand out from the rest is to focus on a particular niche.

Let’s say you are an expert at network marketing and you want to market your products online. Even network marketing is so competitive and broad that you have to go ‘sub-niche’. You can let others know that in the network marketing world, you are the guy who turns words into profitable copy that attracts downlines like a vacuum cleaner.

You can probably call yourself the networking guru! (I know this might sound a bit corny, but it sure got your attention now, didn’t it?) If you are in to SEO and you are good at long-tail niches, you should let others know about it rather than just focus on a generic SEO branding. It is easier to go for a sub-niche rather than a generic niche. Use your imagination and brand yourself creatively! Like I have gone with the unstoppable Mompreneur.

Place a testimonial

Few would believe you if you say it yourself, but by getting a testimonial from a well-respected marketer in the niche you are in, you can be sure to increase your credibility. Don’t grab any testimonial from just ANY guy or girl. Make sure you let the expert who is providing the testimonial to review you or the product (or you can do some work for them in exchange for a testimonial). By placing the best and most relevant testimonials at the right place in your sales copy, you can be sure to increase your business profits easily.



Using videos is one of the most powerful tools. Many people find me on YouTube and when you go to my Facebook you will see that I do a lot of live videos. And how does that help me. It authenticates me. People feel they are close to me and that I am genuine and real. I have had people run into me in the malls, greet and they are excited to meet me and they express that I am real, because there are many people who are fake out there and can do anything to extract a buck from you.

There are many other ways to brand yourself but the most important is to start!!!

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