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I initially stumbled into being a mompreneur and I have been a stay at home for a few years now and I enjoy it immensely. (You can read about how I became a mompreneur here). I’m also fortunate that I have inspired some mothers to get started as mompreneurs and stay at home with their kids. The response from all of them has been overwhelmingly positive.

In this article I would like to share my experiences and show you the benefits of being a stay at home mum (maybe I can get to inspire you to do the same *laughs*). I have also done some research on the benefits of being a stay at home mum and I will share them with you below.

Bonding with your children

I have to start with this as I feel it’s one of the most important points. I have personally experienced it especially in the case of my last born who was born just as I started my journey as a mompreneur.

We have had many special moments and I have been able to have the time to photograph every wonderful event, and some ordinary times too, to treasure forever.

Being there to share every minute of every day with my child has been extremely important for me personally and has filled me with much satisfaction.

I have also been able to nurse her through every illness, and to breastfeed her as long as I wanted without pressure from anyone, or from a demanding job.

All this has led to the development of a very special bond between the child and I. If I had been tied down by a demanding job, which unfortunately is the case with many mothers, I would not have had the opportunity to build that special bond with my child.

Even with my older children, I have seen a significant improvement in our relationships since I became a stay at home mum. I have more time to talk to them e.g when they come back from school and I can quickly pick it up when something is wrong with them.

This is a huge contrast from the past were I would come back in the evening tired from the day’s business and I could barely give them attention they needed and deserved.

Being a stay at home mum has thus made significant changes in my relationships with my kids. This makes me very proud and I believe it will do the same for every mother out there.The findings of this study support my views as well.

Young Children have an increased sense of security with stay at home mum

I worked for about 6 months when I was pregnant with my second born. During that time, I changed about 6 helpers due to various reasons. I did not like it as I knew the instability would affect my kids.

Being a stay at home mom has meant that my kids, especially the younger ones, have a greater sense of security knowing that their mom is around. This has impacted positively on their growth and intellectual development as they are free to explore and learn.

It has also mean that I can teach my kids the morals and values I would want to develop in them since I have a lot of time with them. This is something I take rather seriously as the moral and spiritual upbringing of my family is of the utmost importance to me. I believe in bringing up well-mannered, respectful and polite kids and being the one teaching them this makes me happy.

If my kids spent the bulk of their time at home or after school with the maid then I would not have had this amazing opportunity. Some studies suggest that children who spend the whole day in day care are more likely to develop behavioural problems.

Added to the above, being a stay at home mum has meant that I too have a sense of security when it comes to my kids. As you probably know or have heard, leaving your kids in the care of a maid can be tricky.

There are numerous reports of maids who physically and sexually young kids in their care. Some even go as far as kidnapping or poisoning them. As a mother such issues affect me very deeply and I believe you feel the same as well.

Now being the one staying with my kids all day means that I do not have to worry about such scary stuff. This makes me feel a lot better inside and makes me proud to be a stay at home mum.

Improved marriage

Besides being a stay at home mum benefiting my wonderful kids, it has also benefited my relationship with my husband.

I have been married for 9 years now and have been a stay at home mum for 6 of those. During the initial three years I was caught up in business and the hustle and bustle that came with it.

This obviously meant I spent less time with my husband as I would at time get home late and tired. Sometimes the stresses of the day would make me a bit grumpy or inattentive when I got home. I am an accountant by profession.

Now since I have been a mompreneur I have had more time on my hands and it has meant that I can spend more quality time with my husband. This has done wonders for our marriage and it has deepened our emotional connection.This post shows that being a stay at home mum benefits the husband as well, so that’s an extra benefit as well.

We even decided to have date nights on Thursdays so that we can have time away from the kids.

Control over how my home is cleaned and maintained

As a woman I am quite particular about how my home is looked after. I want things done in a particular way and any other way does not sit right with me. Before I was a stay at home mum I had helpers and I used to have issues with how they looked after the house at times. For example, I would occasionally find a speck of dust on the TV or some such place and it would show me that the cleaning was not done thoroughly.

Now that I am a stay at home mum I am in charge of how my house is cleaned. I like the feeling of being in control and knowing that my house is thoroughly clean according to my specifications. Even if I may have to hire a helper because of time pressure from my mompreneur endeavours, I know I will be able to supervise and direct the cleaning of my house which means I’m more likely to be satisfied with how it is done. (scroll below)

Ability to run a number of businesses I love

I know a lot of people who are working jobs that they absolutely loathe and I was once in that situation as well. Most of these jobs take up so much of their time that they can’t even get to do much on the side and they feel stuck.

On the other hand, being a stay at home mum has meant that I have the freedom to build a number of businesses that I love. It has also meant that I get to follow through on my passions one of which is helping mothers become mompreneurs. I have managed to help some mothers get started with doing online jobs via platforms like Fiverr.

I have also been able to create passive income through some businesses like:-

Longrich ( )

Nexus global,


Cashback World, and

Grow Big Corporation.

If I had been employed full time I doubt I would have had the time to invest in these projects especially at the outset.


Want to become a mompreneur?

My awesome benefits for being a stay at home mum above may have inspired you to become one as well but you may not be sure how you may get started. Well, worry not!

My main reason for setting up this website and writing these articles is to help people like you become mompreneurs and enjoy the benefits I’m enjoying as well. I’m ready and looking forward to holding your hand as you begin your journey so that you can avoid some of the pitfalls and challenges I faced when I was starting out!


If you want me to personally help you setup and succeed do not hesitate – take action and contact me now!


Come lets enjoy being stay at home mums together!



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