About me

about me

I am Samu, short for Samukeliso. Meaning of my name says that the world has been given this ever smiling Mompreneur. Born in a family where there was entrepreneurship, I would call subsistence entrepreneurship because it was hand to mouth even though they were doing business. And in today’s term we would say they were self employed because the business needed them to be there. What Samu Gumbie is now doing is to work on her business creating residual income, that is, working once but enjoying the fruits of that labour for a very long time.

I am passionate about educating our fellow stay home moms how to have striving businesses while they watch their kids grow. And also educating women and a girl child on the right kind of sanitary napkin to use. We as women wipe the seat of the toilet before we sit but are we concerned about what sanitary napkin we wear. I am the founder and CEO of Mukela Holdings and SamuONline – DevelopingYouHub. SamuONline focuses on being visible online. Your business being online and you making money online. Mukela Holdings has fashion and property under it. Currently writing a book on my journey that got me to be called an Unstoppable Mompreneur.

I live in Johannesburg with my husband and 3 Children (3, 6 and 8-year old) with a most wonderful helper that we have had for almost 6 years.

Why work with me?

  • I can help maximize your business productivity and give you more time to enjoy long-term results.
  • I have helped many network marketers increase their profits by 50%+. in less than 12 months
  • With my 7 years of experience, I clearly understand the whole process from top to bottom.
  • I have access to many experienced coaches worldwide, including those working in my team.

One thing Before you go

The Art of Selling By Samu Gumbie