A mom is a also a Wife

Mompreneur is a title that we have taken . Its like we have put our children first and forgotten about being a wife. I would like to bring us back to how we got to be a mom in the first place. There is a husband before the children, well that was in my case, it might not be so in others .

What happens to the man who are sharing a life with, has he been displaced by the children? It shouldn’t be so. Hence I am calling us to prayer for our husbands. If we could commit 30 days to praying for him with the guidelines from this book our marriages will go to another level. I have seen a shift in my life when I started praying for my husband. It made me not to be angry with him like I would be sometimes. It finished all the resentment that was now building up because you say to yourself that he is not doing this or that. I am not yet there but have seen a slight change..I guess its in me mostly. We are quick to say ‘change him Lord’ yet we have not looked inside us.



When we commit to prayer we are simply handing over everything to God. And the book Praying wife has listed most areas that we need to cover our husbands. And as you pray God will also guide you to specific things that your husband needs. It will be good to ask him as well, what you can pray for him. I usually ask mine and he gladly tells me and he says I know I am covered all the time because you praying for me. At one time I asked if he prays for me but I regretted it because even if he is not, it doesnt matter, It was my choice to pray for him. Queens listen when your hubby comes in line with what God has for you, you reap the rewards. So it comes back to you.



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