6 things to do during lockdown Covid19

First thing to do as told by the leaders is to stay home and be safe. Wash your hands regularly. When coughing or sneezing do it to the elbow or a tissue that you will immediately throw away.


1. Rest 

This is the time to take time to rest. You know when we are working we do not rest unless you take leave. This can be your mini leave from what you do all the time. I wonder how many of us are using alarms to wake us up. Well I do during the week because I already work from home so used to my routine. But I am taking more time to rest, I take naps in the afternoon and I sleep early most of the time.

Maybe you could also take time off the phone, laptop, TV. Take a chair and sit outside or a blanket to sleep on. Let your mind also declutter. For many of us with children, while they play outside, just take time to look at them and appreciate God.

2. Play

Talking about the children. Play with them..well with mine they are so active. I make time to go and play soccer oustide. I have taught them the games we used to play when we were young eg day by day, amadembula lol…some will remember it.¬† We also play cards games, computer games. I love playing jigsaw puzzles on my phone. Let loose and be a child again and see what it does to your mind.

3. Learn a new skill

Look at my baby girl. I learnt how to do her braids. And we braided in less than 5 hours..not bad for a beginner hey. She is loving them. I put them in hot water to curl them.

Take time to learn a new skill that you always wanted to try out. Use Youtube and google as guidance.

4. Self Development

For those who know me, this is my passion. I encourage everyone to develop themselves. There are so many books available. Whatever is your industry or your liking, find the books and read. They say leaders are readers.

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5. Help others with technology

There are so many people who do not even know where to begin with this technology. Its your chance to do How to videos and upload on Youtube. Or get on a call and help other people.

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I am also helping anyone who is really feeling that they do not know how they will survive this time but have money to start small. Crowdfunding has always been there and it will continue to be there, so check out what am doing here

6. Pray / Meditate

This is a great time to catch up on your Bible plans or your Bible studying. Read the word. Let it be the one which directs you. Yes all over the news is Covid 19 updates and its good you get to know what is going on. After that please read the final authority in your life. What is God saying to you. And I feel its a good time to take stock and count and write down your blessings. We have a box with my husbands where we write and put our thank you or praise items and we open that box only after New year just to look back and see where God has brought us .


Stay safe and look after yourself. We will come out of this.

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  1. Amazing piece. Such deep words of encouragement and hope knowing all is not loss. We will keep keeping up and see where God is heading us towards. Lovely write up. Keep it up Mrs Samu

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