5 ways to start achieving and stop procrastination

Most of us know what we should be doing and we do not get down to doing it. We will discuss a few ways to stop procrastination and start achieving what we set out to do.

No 1 way to stop procrastination is by clearly defining your goals and have clear milestones. Write down, i mean actually get a pen and notebook and write them down. By so doing, you are telling your mind clearly and concisely what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it and when you want to achieve it . Many people just leave them in the mind and your mind says you are clearly not serious about your goals. In your mind your goals have no actual date when they will be accomplished.. This first way to stop procrastination and start achieving is to understand what you want and why you want it. This will also help you to break down your one year goal into months, weeks or even days, so that it is achievable in your mind.

2nd way to stop procrastination, use the Quadrant system to manage your time.

Most of us suffer from time management. You find yourself stuck and you would rather watch television or Netflix rather than working toward accomplishing your long term goal and I have found myself in that situation many a times. When working toward your goals, things can either be necessary but not urgent (long-term goals), urgent and important (crises and emergencies), urgent but not important (interruptions), or not important and not urgent (distractions). For most of us, we tend to find ourselves in the not important and not urgent quadrant of distractions. To beat procrastination you need to start with the not urgent and not important activities first. Once those are done then you have no option but to do the urgent and important ones. Please stop robbing yourself of achieving your dreams, and work a little bit each day.

Use the 15 minute method is the 3rd way I have heard this method being talked about and have not tried it.

Recently did that and guess what, I managed to complete my tasks well and had time to play with the kids. 15 minute rule helps you develop self-discipline. One of the most challenging emotions to tolerate and get past is dread. If you could effectively eliminate dread and then you can start performing at your best. Have a timer with you, use that phone that is next to you to countdown from 15 minutes to zero and you work on that task till you hear the alarm. You will realise that you will even go past the 15 minutes. Typically, when you engage in an activity for 15 minutes, you will continue to work on it for much longer. Next time you find yourself putting off something, just tell yourself you will only work at it for 15 minutes. For most Network Marketers its picking that phone and calling. Tell yourself you will only do it for 15 minutes a day.

15 minute interval

4th way to stop procrastination is to change your environment.

Sometimes the patterns and habits we develop are a result of the environment we are in. For example, when you are home you find yourself reaching for the remote. Especially now during lockdown, it might be a challenge for some people to work because they are home. In that case, instead of trying to do work on your bed, change. Find a table and chair and work there. For us, my husband has to work from home as well, so I got another table and put it in our bedroom and he is using our study. When I feel like am tired, I want to sleep, I take a walk and come back fresh. If you find yourself stifled in your current environment, and its leading to procrastination, go somewhere else and change your situation. If you continue to do the same things, you cant expect to get different results.


Fifth way to stop procrastination is to find an accomplice.

We need each other in life. If you could find someone that can hold you accountable to your goals, it would be amazing. If for example you want to exercise 3 times a week and you have someone you have told, you might have no choice but to do because they will hold you accountable. It might also be good to find someone you can work together so that you find motivation and work towards your goals working as a team. Finding an accomplish to help you reach your goals can powerfully amplify the appeal of taking action because our mind’s reward system is highly responsive to our social standing

Don’t let the silent killer of procrastination keep you from accomplishing your goals. Use these effective methods for beating procrastination and get up and do something that will get you closer to accomplishing your goals and achieving success. The more you sit back and don’t act on your dreams, the less likely you are to act in the future. Don’t continue to let your habit of procrastination hold you back and keep you from achieving success in your life.

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